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::: The 2nd Congress of Asian Pacific Prostate Society :::
The 2nd Congress of Asian Pacific Prostate Society
Guideline for Registration
How to Register

Participants are highly recommended to register in advance by online registration in order to avoid heavy registration at the congress site.

No registration is complete until the full registration fee has been received.
To benefit from discounted rate, registration and payment should be no later than March 30, 2012.
Registration fee
Category Pre-registration On-site registration
Korean Won US Dollar Korean Won US Dollar
Medical Specialist 100,000 Won USD 100 110,000 Won USD 110
Resident/Fellow 50,000 Won USD 50 55,000 Won USD 55
- For pre-registration, all payment must be made in Korean won or US Dollar by bank transfer or credit card.
- For on-site registration, all payment must be made by Cash Only.
- No other type of payment will be accepted.
- Deadline for registration by bank transfer: March 30, 2012
Registration fee includes
- Welcome Dinner
- Abstract Book
- Souvenir
- Lunch
- Coffee Break
- Gala Dinner
- Entrance to all session rooms etc.
On-site registration hours
Registration will begin on April 13(Fri), 2012 at the registration desk, B1 floor, Grand InterContinental Hotel(13th) and 6th floor, Asan Medical Center(14th).
The schedule is as follows:
- Registration hours: April 13(Fri.), 10:00~19:00
April 14(Sat.), 07:00~17:00

Payment Information

* Bank Information

- Bank Name :
- Account Name :
- Account Number :
- SWIFT code :
- Bank address :
- Contact Phone Number :
- Contact Fax Number :

* Please note that all related bank charges must be paid by the registrants.
* Please remit money to the above account and send a copy of remittance with the sender's name by facsimile
   (+82-2-444-6404) or E-mail (apps2012@approstate.org).

Confirmation letter
- Paid by Credit Card: The registration confirmation can be printed immediately to be sent by e-mail after
  completing the online registration.
- Paid by Bank Transfer: After your payment has been confirmed by the secretariat office, a confirmation letter
  will be sent you via e-mail and then you can print it.
- With full pre-registration, the payment receipt will be sent to you by e-mail in 2 weeks after the congress.
Cancellation Policy
The congress will refund registration fees to prepaid participants who cancelled their registration as follows.
For refund on the amount paid by credit card, the cancellation charge of Credit Card will be deducted from the refund.
For refund on the amount paid by bank transfer, the full refund will be made after the congress.
Cancellation must be in writing and sent to the Secretariat, via e-mail(apps2012@approstate.org) in due time before the congress.